Email new Prime Minister about the cost of living crisis

Write to the UK Prime Minister now to ask for more support for those in crisis due to the rising cost of living.

10 million people are already struggling with the rising cost of living. Without urgent intervention this is only going to get worse. The announcements made by the Government on 23 September do not do nearly enough to give those on the lowest incomes the support they need. 

The energy price guarantee has been a welcome step, but as bills will still be almost double what they were a year ago, more action is needed to keep people safe and warm this winter. It is vital that the Government uprates benefits so that they keep pace with rising costs.

Please write to the UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, and ask him to provide much needed extra support to low income households throughout the cost of living crisis. We want to see:

  • A commitment now to uprating benefits in 2023 in line with inflation, ideally brought forward to before the winter when people will need it most.
  • A ban on energy companies forcibly switching customers to prepayment meters over winter.
  • Further targeted support for low income households.
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